Tales of Xilla 2 Coming West!

The original Tales of Xilla didn't even release in North America and Europe yet and there is new news that the sequel, Tales of Xilla 2, will be coming to North America and Europe in 2014. Namco Bandai made the announcement at the Japan Expo in Paris, France just earlier today. source
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Fez To Be Patched on XBLA!

Phil Fish, the mind behind Fez and head of Polytron, made an announcement on Twitter the other day (July 4th), that Fez will in-fact be (finally) patched! Many of you may remember a certain game-breaking bug that afflicted Fez last year; well, the bug was expected to never be patched because of an extravagant fee ...
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Interstellar Marines Early Access – Now on Steam!

An early build of Interstellar Marines hit Steam on July 3rd after being successfully Greenlit. If you're an Indie gamer, this is definitely going to be a title to watch. Back in Fall of 2012, Indie Developers, Zero Point Software, began a Kickstarter with a reasonable goal of $600,000 in hopes to fund Interstellar Marines; ...
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Pokemon X/Y Inspiration & A New Pokemon!

Gamefreak has thrown us some new information about the inspiration behind the new Kalos region in Pokemon X/Y. The region's inspiration comes from, wait for it... France (doubt you saw that coming)! In a video originally shown at the Japan Expo in France, Junichi Masuda, from Gamefreak describes how France originally became the inspiration for ...
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